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Porsche on the trackWelcome to the Track!

The Pacific Northwest Region of the Porsche Club of America offers a great way to enjoy your Porsche at speed in a safe, fast, and fun environment. Modern Porsche cars offer performance levels (speed, handling, braking) that cannot possibly be explored safely on public highways. Track days provide a fun and safe alternative!

Bring your car to the track and have an experience that you will never forget and will keep you coming back for more fun! While a Porsche comes out of the factory naturally capable of going fast, we drivers have to learn how to take advantage of all of its capabilities. The Porsche Club prides itself in having one of the most extensive driver education programs and the best instructor teams of any club in the country. We want to help and inspire everyone to become a better driver. Our goal is simple, have a blast in a safe environment!

First Timers at the track: you will go thru a Classroom style “Ground School” the Wednesday evening , the week prior to the scheduled track day. You will learn key objectives of driving at a race track and the rules. You will learn how to identify the entry, apex and exit of each turn, to use the whole track, to pass and to get passed. At the track, you will be assigned an instructor who will be with you all day in the car. There are different run groups for the day for different experience levels and you will have an instructor until the instructor feels that you are competent and ready to go on the track solo.

Driver Education events have 3 run groups for the difference experience level of the drivers. Each run group goes in turn and then the cycle repeats several times. The sessions typically last typically 20-25 minutes. As you progress in your skill set and you choose to be advanced to the next run group, there will be an instructor assigned to certify that you are ready for the next level. One of the greatest values with the Pacific Northwest Porsche club, is that you can have an instructor anytime to help you develop your driving skills at no extra charge.

Car Preparation

Prior to your first track day, you will need to prepare your car:

  • Get your car inspected by a qualified shop 30 days before your track day. We strongly recommend having your car fully inspected once per year by a professional shop.
  • Check your tires and brake pads for wear before coming.
  • Complete the 30 day tech form and bring it with you.

Prepare yourself:

  • Go to a Pacific Northwest Region Drivers Skill course to learn your car’s dynamics (optional but recommended)
  • Get a good helmet that fits well. Must be certified Snell 2005 or better (you can also rent ours for a nominal fee)
  • Wear a cotton T-Shirt, Long Cotton pants, closed shoes
  • Driving gloves are optional but recommended
  • Learn and Review the Flags
  • Review track turn-by-turn description
  • Internalize: Safe and fun first, then fast
  • Relax and prepare for the time of your life!!

2016 Event Dates

Event Date Registration
Event Tech
Window Opens
Ground School Location
Mar 5
Instructor Training - BMW/PNWR/AUDI Mercer Island
Community Center
Apr 10
Jan 21 Mar 11 Apr 3 Mar 30 Ridge Motorsports Park
May 21
Mar 2 Apr 21 May 14 May 11 Pacific Raceway
Jun 12
Mar 24 May 13 Jun 5 Jun 1 Ridge Motorsports Park
Jul 15
Apr 26 Jun 15 Jul 8 Jul 6 Pacific Raceways Inc
Aug 5
May 17 Jul 6 Jul 29 Jul 27 Ridge Motorsports Park
Sep 9
Jun 21 Aug 10 Sep 2 Aug 31 Pacific Raceways Inc
Oct 1
Jul 13 Sep 1 Sep 24 Sep 21 Pacific Raceway

Rates for 2016 Season

PNWR Driver Ed Participant $290
Ground School - First time to a PNWR DE event, regardless of past experience or club affiliation No Charge
Late fee; after closing date $50
Loaner Helmet; limited supply $30
*Rates subject to change.

Registration & payment for DE events is available online at Be sure to include your previous experience dated from 2006 so your file will be current.

Ground School

All first-time drivers at a PNWR DE event (or if over two years time away) regardless of experience at other tracks or clubs, are to attend the Ground School training class prior to the event. This required 2-hour classroom training session is $10. The intent is to prepare entrants for track driving and what to expect. Members of other clubs who have not participated in a PNWR DE event must attend the PNWR Ground School to become familiar with our practices.

Ground School is held from 6 to 8 p.m. at Porsche Bellevue, located at 11910 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA 98005. We will host a concurrent GoToMeeting webinar online for registrants who find it impossible to attend the meeting in person. Invitations and instructions on how to log in to GoToMeeting will be sent to attendees prior to the Ground School class.

All novice drivers, at some point during the year, must attend a PCA Skills Day, BMW Car Control Clinic, ProFormance Driving, Bondurant School, etc. event before he/she will be signed-off to drive solo on the track.

Participation Requirements

See detailed requirements; this is only an overview.

  • Minimum age 18 with a valid, non-restricted driver's license.
  • You must be a current PCA, Alfa, Audi, BMWCCA, Corvette, Mini, Viper, or PDC club member.
  • Maximun of 2 drivers per car, who must run in separate run groups.
  • Helmet - Snell rated SA2005/M2005, or newer. A limited supply of loaner helmets are available for a fee.
  • Tech - Every event will require a Pre-Event Inspection Tech Form filled out within a 30 day window PRIOR to each event and presented at the tech line the day of the event. The car owner must certify that the car is safe to run on the track and that the car has been inspected by a regionally approved person or shop within thirty days prior to the event. A professional technical inspection is strongly recommended prior to the first attended Driver Education event of the season for all instructors and entrants, regardless of club affiliation. Inspections should be performed by a 3rd-party workshlp familiar with your make of car. This will be your best chance to avoid problem situations on track for all drivers in PCA DE events.
  • Additional roll-over protection is required for vehicles without stock protection from the manufacturer. This is an issue mostly with cabriolets not having pop-up roll hoops, e.g. 993 cabriolets require additional protection but 996 cabs and Boxsters do not.
  • Equal seatbelts are required for driver and passenger. "Equal" means that both occupants have the same maximal level of equipment.
  • Seatbelt/Harness Systems - refer to the seatbelts/harnesses info under PNWR/PCA Driver Ed 2008 Technical Requirements.
  • Tires - Front Tires must both be of equal size. Rear tires must both be of equal size. all tires must be of the same make and model. All tires must have a speed rating which exceeds the vehicle's top speed.
  • No illegal or drowsiness-inducing drugs or alcohol consumption prior to, or during the event. No alcohol on PRI property.
  • Participants must follow any rules or instructions announced at the event's Driver Meeting. Violation may result in a warning, or expulsion from the event for serious violations.
  • PNWR reserves the right to refuse any entrant's event registration, and to expel any entrant during the event.

Registration & Cancellation Policies

See registration information for policies and forms.


We run our Driver Education events at Pacific Raceways, in Kent, WA and at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA.

Instructor Clinic

The PNWR Instructor Clinic is held annually. It is a collaboration between PCA, BMW, and Audi clubs. Attendance is by invitation only which is extended to all current instructors and selected instructor candidates. The goal for the instructor clinic is to set standards and build continuity between instructors so our track events run smoothly and our quality continually improves. This is an event for instructors only. Our agenda is focused specifically on teaching and instructing. The clinic is held jointly by the PCA, BMW, and Audi clubs. Instructors and candidates who pass the evaluation are accepted as instructors in these clubs.

Drivers and new-to-us instructors who want to instruct with us are required to attend this clinic or make special arrangements with the Chief Driving Instructor ( It is mandatory that our current instructors attend the clinic a minimum of every 2 years to enable them to be kept abreast of changes in the program and to help us continually improve the quality of our program.

Porsche on the trackThe day includes a variety of instructor skill building activities, including a track walk, skill exercises, role playing and evaluations to review all our current instructors and ensure our program is ready to go for the season. In addition, classroom sessions are provided to review materials, attend lectures and discuss teaching techniques with fellow instructors.

Priority is given to our existing instructors who have been dedicating their time to our track programs. Participation is limited, and attending the clinic does not guarantee a candidate will become an instructor. All drivers will be evaluated to determine if they are ready to instruct with our club. This day offers candidate instructors a great way to gather in-depth information on instructing and to learn if the instructor role is suitable for them.

Our instructors are all volunteers and come out with enthusiasm to help others to become better drivers and in turn often learn something new themselves from our talented students! It is a great way to give something back to the club and all the hard work is so appreciated - just look at the students and you will see! We have an excellent base of instructors who help make our events the best in the region!