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Web sites

Griot's Garage - www.griotsgarage.com
  - providing exceptional service and products to the avid automotive enthusiast

Detail Plus - www.detailplus.com
   - the car appearance professionals

Search Results on Google - search for concours


Concours Clinic - Restoration Clinic - Restoration Clinic Notes
  - This is an outline of the talks by Terry Forland and Paul Risinger

Concours Clinic - Preparing for and Presenting on the Concours Field - Tips by Paul Risinger
  - Paul Risinger shares his concours prep tips and what to take with you to the field

Concours Clinic - Steps for Chip Repair - Slide 1, Slide 2
  - Marv Engstrom shares his tips on how-to chip repair

Concours Clinic - Prep Tips - Prep Tips by Paul Risinger
  - Paul Risinger shares his step by step concours prep tips

Concours Clinic - Tech Session - Tech Session by Paul Risinger
  - Paul Risinger presents tech session on Concours and the preparation for the driving season.

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