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Driver Education

Enjoy your Porsche at speed in a safe, fast, fun environment!

Driver Education

Driver Education (DE) offers a great way to enjoy your Porsche at speed in a safe and fun environment.

All Porsche cars have performance levels (speed, handling, and braking) that can't be experienced safely on public highways and Driver Education days provide a fun and safe alternative.

Bring your car to the track and have an experience that you will never forget and will keep you coming back for more fun!  At our Driver Education events you'll learn more about what you and your car can do!

The Porsche Club prides itself in having one of the most extensive driver education programs.  We have the best instructor corps of any club in the country and we strive to inspire everyone to become a better driver. Our goal is simple: have a blast in a safe environment.

First-timers will have an instructor who will be with you all day. There are different run groups for the day for different experience levels and you will be driving with others at the same experience level as you.  You'll have a instructor until you are ready to go on the track solo.

Our Driver Education events have 4 run groups for the different experience level of drivers. Each run group goes in turn and then the cycle repeats several times during the day. The sessions are 20-25 minutes. As you progress in your skills and you choose to be advanced to the next run group, there will be an instructor assigned to certify that you are ready for the next level.

One of the greatest values with the Pacific Northwest Region Porsche club is that you can have an instructor anytime to help you develop your driving skills at no extra charge.

Registration & Payment

Registration & payment for DE events is available online at

Registration open/close dates are available on the event postings on MotorsportReg.

If you have questions about registration, contact Kim Motonaga, email:

2024 Rates

One-day Participant at Pacific Raceways, The Ridge Motorsports Park $395
 Advanced Drivers Day at The Ridge Motorsports Park $475
One-day Participant at Oregon Raceway Park weekend $400
Two-day Participant at Oregon Raceway Park $600
 One-day at Portland International Raceway $395
Rental Helmet $30



The following are the eligibility requirements for PCA PNWR DE Events:

  • You must possess a full, non-restricted driver's license of any jurisdiction, and be 18 years or older.
  • All occupants of a car during DE events have to wear a helmet. The helmet shell must have no structural damage and the padding must be intact. The chin strap must not be frayed; the strap attachments must be operable and securely attached. Face shields, when required and/or used must be made of poly-carbonate plastic or the equivalent and must be in good condition. A limited supply of helmets are available to rent. 
  • 2024 Helmet Requirements for Drivers Education
    Helmets must be certified in accordance with one of the following standards: Snell SA2020, Snell SA2015, Snell M2020, Snell M2015, FIA8860‐2004, 2010, or its successor, SFI 31.1, or BS6658‐85 type A/FR. Helmets certified to specifications other than Snell must be within 10 years of the date of manufacture, or if FIA, expire at the end of the 10th year after the year of manufacture.
  • You may bring any car passing the Event Technical Inspection (see below), including non-Porsches. Remember, the owner and/or operator is responsible for the safe condition and operation of the vehicle.
  • Convertibles and Cabriolets: Any make of car delivered with factory installed roll-over protection meets the minimum standards for PCA DE events.
  • Use of Head And Neck Restraint Systems (HANS) is required by drivers and passengers in cars equipped with harness systems. 
  • If you have modified your car or if your convertible does not have factory installed roll-over protection, the PCA requirements for technical and safety standards are here:
  • Everyone must pre-register for our events, there are no walk-ins allowed.

996/997 GT2, GT3, and Turbo Coolant Fitting Requirements

The cooling systems of the ‘Mezger’ dry sump engines include epoxied fittings that are especially prone to failure. This can occur with little to no warning, and cars that are primarily street-driven are just as susceptible as those that are driven mainly on the track.

PNWR now requires proof that all coolant pipe fittings on affected cars have been welded or pinned prior to using them at Driver Education events.

The affected cars are: all variants of 996 Turbo, GT2, and GT3; all variants of 997 Turbo, GT2, and GT3, except the 997.2 Turbo.  Cup cars are exempt but must run water/water wetter.

If you are unsure that your car’s coolant fittings have been welded or pinned; or do not have records to reflect this, we can refer you to several local shops for inspection.

Event Technical Inspection

An Event Technical Inspection Form must be completed within 30 days prior to each event and e-mailed to the tech crew no later than 7 days prior to the event.  You must provide a new tech form for each event, even if two events fall within the same 30 day window.

Drivers who deem themselves qualified may self-tech, however we recommend that you have your car inspected every track season by a third-party workshop or dealership that is familiar with your vehicle.

The inspection form is here: 2024 PNWR Tech Form

If you have any tech related questions, please contact

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel up to 20 days prior to our events for a full refund.  No refunds or credits will be given within 20 days of an event.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Driver Education > Registration


These criteria establish who may register for a PNWR/PCA Driver Education event. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission.

  • You must possess a full, non-restricted driver's license of any jurisdiction, and be 18 years or older.
  • Approved Instructors may register for any event prior to closing date.
  • Snell Memorial Foundation 2015 or later helmet is required; M or SA rating is acceptable. SA is recommended for increased fire protection.
  • You may bring any safe car passing the technical inspection requirements, including non-Porsches (convertibles may need additional roll-over protection). Remember, the owner and/or operator is responsible for the safe condition and operation of the vehicle. There are a few rules & regulations you need to heed too.
  • Students not yet signed-off to drive without an instructor (includes beginners) must pre-register so we can assign you an available instructor - this means no walk-ins.
  • Participants must follow any rules or instructions announced at the event's Driver Meeting. Violation may result in a warning, or expulsion from the event for serious violations.


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