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Explore the Pacific Northwest backroads with fellow Porsche Enthusiasts
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Tours are group driving events on public roads with a social, non-competitive flavor. Tours groups range from 10 to 50+ cars and participants may be alone or have the entire family stuffed into the back seat of the 356, 911, 912, 924, 944, 928, 968, or more comfortably in their Cayenne, Panamera, Macan or the Taycan! The mid-engined 914, Boxster, Cayman, Carrera GT and 918 crowd do it with two! Most tours are very family-friendly events and there are usually a few kids - and some dogs - along for the ride and activities. An occasional tour may be restricted to adults only and/or no pets.

Since tours do take place on public roads, the prevailing traffic laws must be obeyed. That still leaves plenty of room for spirited driving on the spectacular twisty roads you'll find on nearly every tour. And even at normal speeds it's quite a rush to be in the middle of a pack of gleaming Porsches snaking their way through forests, along waterways and over scenic mountain passes.

Watch the events calendar and sign up early.
As one of our most popular activities, tours fill up very quickly!

The social aspect of tours is seen in the various activities that accompany the driving. The casual atmosphere lends itself to relaxed discourse with your fellow club members, often in a setting involving food. A tour isn't considered complete unless it involves at least one and sometimes several opportunities for snacks, breakfast, brunch, lunch, picnic, potluck, or fine dining with wine tasting. In fact, some tours are combined with a specific social event or technical education session. Tour planners are acquainted with the best bakeries and restaurants in the state!

Other common activities on tours include trivia games, rallies, scavenger hunts, walking tours, kite flying, museums, shopping, and more. Some of our weekend events in particular offer many things to do in addition to enjoying the simple thrill of driving your Porsche on the most exciting, scenic roads Washington has to offer.

Speaking of Washington roads, our great state offers an incredible variety of driving and sightseeing experiences. Our tours cover the beaches of the southwest, the forests of the Olympic Peninsula, the farmlands of the northwest, the towering Cascades, and the wine country and high plains of inland and eastern Washington. We even make it to Canada and Oregon on occasion.

Tour planners put together spectacular routes covering sweeping highways, scenic byways, and the curviest secondary and forest service roads you can imagine. No matter how many miles you've logged in this state, you're sure to be amazed and thrilled by a tour route.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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Registration for tours is required. Lunch venues, tour group divisions and number of group leads/sweepers need to be planned ahead of time. Most day tours will have a lunch stop, which is typically order off the menu and pay as you go. For overnight/multi-day tours, hotel reservations and group dinners may be part of the tour schedule. 

Tours themselves are typically free of charge for club members & their guests. Occasionally, for a special session, there may be a fee cost depending on the end destination, such as lunch, a garage tour or activity such as a garden tour or park entrance fee. Read the description for the tour you wish to go on for details. 

PNWR has established a guide to Tour Etiquette; be sure to read this before each tour so you are familiar with the rules and process. We want everyone to have a good time, whether you're looking for a spirited run or a scenic drive. Knowing what is expected ahead of time will limit the potential for issues or conflicts.

Tour Etiquette - 2019  Word | PDF

General Schedule

Tours schedules vary based on destination and whether a day or overnight/weekend event, but typically the day's schedule is as follows:

8 a.m. Arrive & Sign Waiver
8:30 a.m. Safety Briefing
9:00 a.m. First Group Out
10:15 p.m. Rest Stop
12:00 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m. Final Leg (if applicable)

Check individual tour details for specific times for that tour.

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