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Take a look at how fun being a member of the Pacific NW Region and the PCA can be!

Regional Membership

The Porsche Club of America (PCA) was established in 1955 and has grown into the largest single marque car club in the world!  The Pacific NW Region (PNWR) was started in 1959 and currently has almost 2000 primary members.  With associate and family members, our count is well over 3000 people. 

Porsche Club members are a fantastic group of people.  They are friendly, knowledgeable, love to drive and are enthusiastic about all things Porsche. The informal motto is:  you come for the cars, stay for the people!  There are a number of national events held in various locations around the US and Canada.
Our amazing regional group of volunteers will organize about 100 events in typical year.  The publications that members receive monthly, the PCA's "Panorama" and PNWR's newsletter "Spiel", are easily worth more than the annual cost of membership.

To join, you must be a Porsche owner. PCA membership dues are $46 per year (subject to change).  If you are in the process of purchasing or searching for a Porsche to buy, you can check out the PCA Test Drive program.  It’s a six month provisional membership available at the PCA website.

It is a requirement to join PCA in order to be a member of the Pacific NW Region.  If you are ready to join PCA, these are the steps:

  • Have the VIN for your car handy
  • Go to
  • Click on the "Join PCA" button
  • Current national dues are just $46 per year* 

Shortly after you join PCA, PNWR will be notified of that we have a new member! We will enter your information into our system, and you will receive Welcome Email with a bit of information about the club along with a temporary user name and password to our website. First time you log in, you can:

  • Change your password
  • Create a new user name
  • Pay your regional membership dues ($20 per year)

Upon paying regional dues, you will receive the print version of the Spiel in the mail, and also allows you to vote for regional board of directors, hold a chair or board position and sign up online for events.  You can also setup your profile, add information about your car(s), select areas of interests, join a forum, read about the various club activities & sign up for events.

Our monthly board meetings are open to all members. We have a new member's day in the spring, and social events are an especially good way to get to know other club members. All events are open to all members, but check out the details for events as some have specific requirements such as helmets for track events. 

We hope you will join today!

For questions, you can email

 *Subject to change, check PCA for current cost.  

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